Shanti Odyssey

On a Greek island, surrounded by sea and mountains,

a peaceful place to regenerate, heal, share and celebrate life

We will guide you in this journey of recovery and rebirth from a physical or psychological trauma creating new habits through physical, energetic, artistic and psychological techniques such as Yoga, Chikung, Chakradance, Breathing, Mindfulness, Singing, Sound Healing, Painting, Archery, Jung Archetypes and Energetic cuisine
You are welcome to participate and share your skills and knowledge in our Workshops and Events
Our Project
Shanti Odyssey was born from our Dreams, Visions, Experiences, Love, Faith, Trust and Gratitude. A space to share, connect and grow as Human Beings to learn from each other and from nature, heal our wounds, enjoy and share peace and love with our Family and Friends. To live in this Odyssey of Peace, to find our silence and our truth
We wish:
• To help people to recover after a physical or psychological traumatic shock
• To create events, workshops and happenings
To make it possible, we will rent the house during some periods of the year
To relax and enjoy your holidays, by yourself or with your beloved ones, we offer you the possibility to rent the house for different lenghts of time

The House

Our house is located at 160 Odissea Eliti street. There is a garden with olive trees, vineyards, a lemon tree, pomegranate trees, a sweet orange tree and an almond tree, a wood-fired oven and parking. The house has a kitchen, a living room with a sofa bed for one person, a double bedroom and a bathroom. You can also put some tents in the garden if you wish
In the future we will renew a second bedroom, build a living room facing the sea, an outdoor kitchen and bathroom, a terrace, a porche, a chilling area, a wooden cottage and a warehouse

How was this project born

When we found the house, we looked at each other and without saying a word we knew that we were in love with it. For the first time in our lives we felt an inner peace that we had never felt before

Many years later we met in the Swiss mountains and we had a beautiful connection as if we had known each other from a previous life. Since then, we have been dreaming about this project

Once upon a time... we both came to Greece and we shared the same feeling, that it was our home, we both fell in love with this land, its inhabitants, and the Greek Spirit

Patricia Lluvia
I was always interested about other cultures and people in vulnerable situations. I wanted to travel around the world; so from early age I was travelling, volunteering and helping in projects for immigrants and abandoned children and adolescents. I worked for many years as a Spanish teacher at the Instituto Cervantes. This gave me the possibility to live in many different countries. At the same time, I took many training courses about personal growth, body and healing techniques, nutrition, psychology, spirituality and much more; since 2006 I have been giving massages and running Yoga and Chakradance retreats. If you want to know more about my project, you can visit my website Alkymias. When I first came to Greece, I knew that I had finally found my home, and since then, Athens has become my place of reference. In 2020, I had an accident that changed my life completely. I was two years in the hospital with four operations; fortunately, I survived and since then, I am on the way to recover myself and my dream has been to find a place in nature where I can live in peace, surrounded by my friends and where I am able to use my experience to help and accompany people who have also gone through this type of situation. Shanti Odyssey is the place where I am going to start my new life

I grew up in the Verzasca Valley, in the southern part of the Swiss Alps. From 9 years old to 12 years old, I was a farmer's helper in the high mountains. Thanks to this experience, I learnt to have a deep knowledge of nature. My mother, a letter painter, passed on her passion for art to me and I chose an artistic profession. After completing my apprenticeship, I volunteered at the age of 18 in a Buddhist school in Thailand, where I discovered the well-being, depth and true happiness of a simple, non-materialistic life. Back in Switzerland, I worked at a social enterprise dedicated to the integration of people with disabilities into the world of work. I later opened my own independent graphic design studio Studiopietro. Now I am a father and I want to walk the path that I feel is mine, one step after the other, without hurry and improving myself every day. I went to Greece for the first time when I was 16 and I felt a very deep connection with it. Since then, I haverevisited this country many times but I never thought that one day I could call a Greek island home, and now that it is, I am incredibly grateful

Contact Patricia or Pietro for a personal loan. We can agree the amount, the duration and interest rate. We can return you a part of the loan through renting the house any periods you wish
Renting the house
It would be of great help to receive an advance payment for renting the house. Come and enjoy the house from the 10th of July 2024. Please contact us for availability of the house and to determine the method of payment
420 € for 1 week
810 € for 2 weeks
1170 € for 3 weeks
1500 € for 4 weeks

Any donation will be welcome and very much appreciated. For bureaucratic banking reasons, we were unable to create a common account, so we have created this bank account in Pietro's name that serves as a common bank account for Patricia and Pietro. You can donate to this bank account:

We propose different types of funding for people willing to support us
Contact us for any details of the rentals, loans and donations

IBAN: GB16 REVO 0099 7035 0543 27


Recipient bank: REVOLUT LTD, E14 4H LONDON, United Kingdom

Beneficiary: Pietro Togni, Via delle Vigne 125, 6648 Minusio, Switzerland



There are several reasons why Syros connects with our Shanti Odyssey project
There was a belief that «Syros» was the same island that Homer cites in the Odyssey under the name of Συρίη
The name «Syros» derives from the Phoenician word «Ousyra» meaning «happy» or from the word «sur» meaning «rock», because its first inhabitants were the Phoenicians. According to other sources, «Syros» means blessing or wealth. Despite these theories, the origin of the name Syros is still uncertain and may be different depending on the region, beliefs and individual traditions of each person who carries it
And for you, what can Syros mean in your life? «Shanti Odissey» in Syros can be the place where you are reborn from the ashes with the strength of a rock. The place where you can find the richness in you and feel the blessing of a full and happy life

Syros is a Greek island, the capital of the Cyclades and the South Aegean
This island has a very rich history, it was raided by barbarians and pirates, then by Sicilians, Arabs, Turks and conquered by the Venetians and then by the Ottoman Empire. In 1522 the corsair Barbarossa took possession of the island. At the same time, the Catholics of the island became under the protection of France and Rome, so Syros was called «the Pope's island». This social, religious and institutional conditions led the island to neutrality at the beginning of the Greek Revolution and became a secure shelter attracting many Greek refugees
Syros is about 2 or 4 hours from Athens, depending of the ferry and 45 minutes from Mykonos, our wonderful little house is located five minutes by foot from the sea, surrounded by beautiful hills in a very calm and lovely region called Megas Gialos, it is around 10 km south from the capital Ermoupolis

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« To stand firmly on the ground,

one of your feet must be off the ground »

The little street where our house is located is called Odysseas Elytis. He is one of Greece's greatest poets. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1979. He was close to the French Surrealist poets and painters such as Picasso and Matisse, and a friend of René Char and Albert Camus

Odysseas Elytis

He is known for his quest for intellectual freedom and creativity, and the name of our project owes a great deal to him: his first name Odysseas has become our emblem. Of course, Homer's Odyssey, an ancient poem about returning home, is also a source of inspiration for this house, which is intended as a «return to oneself»

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